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Shooting Starr's Hail Stone MH "Stoney"
Stoney is the son of a Shooting Starr line breeding that has 20 years of NAVHDA and AKC testing with 6 generations of titles in the pedigree. Both parents Sonny and Stormy are a NAVDA Utility I-204 pts, NAVHDA Versatile Champions, and AKC Master Hunters. Stoney has won an AKC Walking Field Tiral Derby stake, and has NSTRA points. In 2003 he was rancked one of the top 10 Amateur Gun Dogs in AKC Walking Field Trials. The Shooting Starr traits of high desire, style, bird finding ability, copperation, and trainability have pased on to Stoney. Stony's most notable attribute is his strong stylish point.

Stoney has an aggressive search pattern that takes him into the thick of the cover and he has a high degree of stamina that allows us to hunt him for long days. He has the attributes to make him one of our most outstanding field and water dogs. The first litter Stoney has sired qualified for a NAVHDA Breeder Award. There are additional litters sired that demonstrate great potential. He as sired Utility and Master Hunter offspring.

  • Born: 5/05/97
  • OFA: Good
  • Eyes: Normal
  • Wt 55 lbs. Ht 23" at shoulders
  • NAVHDA: Natural Ability Prize 1-110 pts, Utility Prize II, 188 pts,
  • AKC Master Hunter
  • Recently Retired