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Shooting Starr’s GSP’s is committed to producing stable and physically sound versatile hunting dogs. Our males are the product of 29 years of line breeding developing consistency in hunting traits, training attributes, and personality characteristics.

The common hunting traits of the sires include high desire, bird finding ability, style, natural backing and natural retrieving. They are excellent on upland birds and waterfowl. These traits provide for phenomenal hunting trips and life long memories. The traits that help prepare a hunting dog through training are quick learning ability, long memory, cooperation, and a willingness to please the owner. These also help with adjusting to the family and adapting to the home setting. They develop close personal bonds and thrive on human contact and praise. The dogs have the ability to switch gears from the high desire in the field to being calm and relaxed in the home.

We have personally observed that the traits of the males have carried through to the puppies they sire. All of this can be substantiated by the testing statistics in NAVHDA and AKC Hunt Test records.

We have the following requirements and suggestions for the female to make this a successful breeding.

  • Hip dysplasia free certification (OFA or Penn-hip)
  • Proof of current Brucellosis testing to be done prior to sending her.
  • Vaccinations current with a Bordetella given prior to sending.
  • Payment of services is expected following a successful mating with an adequate sperm count. If no puppies are conceived a second breeding will be done at no charge at a later date.
  • Have a health check by your veterinarian before your female comes into heat and have her on a quality dog food.
  • Do your research on the possible stud dogs well in advance and contact us an early as possible.
  • All bitches will be boarded at no additional charge at our veterinary clinic where they will be carefully attended by our caring staff.