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Shooting Starr German Shorthaired Pointers

Q1. What is the average size and weight of your dogs?

Our males average about 55-60lbs with average height of 25" at the shoulders. Females average 44-50lbs with height 22" at the shoulders.

Q2. What is the hunting range of your dogs?

Our dogs run a medium quartering type pattern search. Our 9 generations of breeding has been developed to meet and exceed the NAVHDA testing standards of search (Hunting range pattern).

Q3. What is the temperment of Shooting Starr dogs?

The hallmark of Shooting Starr dogs is there calm, willingness to please nature. Our dogs bond strongly with the owner and require little pressure to train. Positve reinforcment is the key to success. Our dogs make perfect house or kennel dogs.

Q4. Do you hunt?

Hunting is a passion if not an obsession. We enjoy hunting a wide variety of native wild upland game birds across the country as well as waterfowl. We only hunt where and when we can enjoy watching the dogs work birds.


Q1. How do I reserve a Shooting Starr puppy?

We request a 100 dollar refundable deposite to reserve a puppy. It's first come first served. We require a thorough wish list of your prefered future gun dog. Our waiting list at times may be long and referral to another breeder can be given if we cannot provide what you are looking for.

Q2. Is there a contract required?

We do not have a formal breeing contract. We do not restrict breeding or require testing of a puppy. We do not require co-ownership or withhold papers until dogs are tested. We strongly suggest you understand the benefits of NAVHDA training and testing for your puppy.

Q3. Do you offer training options or started dogs?

We currenty do not offer training or started dogs. Referrals for trainers are available.

Q4. When can I pick up my puppy?

Puppies can be picked up at 7 weeks or we can ship via airline. We are close to the Milwaukee WI airport that has most comercial airlines.(Midwest, Delta & Northwest are preferable.) Your pup will be vaccinated and wormed if needed for parasites. We'll give your firstst puppy vaccinations (DHPPC), tail docking and dewclaw removal. We also provide AKC and NAVHDA registration forms.

Q5. What references can you supply?

We can furnish over 25 registered kennel names and quality breeders within the NAVHDA testing system that have used Shooting Starr sires or purchased a puppy from us. Also, all test records are available through the NAVHDA database. Our record in AKC Hunt Tests for German Shorthaired Pointers is one of the best.

Q6. Which litter is better?

Please do not ask! (Ha-ha)
Seriously, if you understand the thirty plus years of line breeding and testing of these litters and understand pedigrees you will see that all pups are closely related. When it comes time to pick your puppy we will help you (if there are any differences). After 30 plus years of breeding, testing, and observation of over 70 litters raised we will do our best to get you your special dog.

Contact Information

Q1. When and how is the best way to contact you?

You can call Dr. Jim Rieser at 262.886.1217 weekday evenings or mail us at:
Shooting Starr Kennels
5235 Nicholson Road
Franksville WI, 53126

Q2. Can I schedule a tour or visitation?

There seems to be a missinterpration that Shooting Starr Kennels is a large training and breeding facility open to the public. We have been blessed to have had 9 generations of exceptional dogs but have housed these dogs at our home. Most of the dogs are retired couch dogs. Current breeding and raising of pups is done at my Veternary Clinic, Forest Home Animal Clinic. A tour is online or in person. Jim Rieser is still a full time Veterinarian and Shooting Starr is a very special family hobby.