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Rainy and Doc Litter

DAM: Shooting Starr's Rainy Night "Rainy"
Owner James Rieser DVM
Born 6/9/2011
OFA Good
Eyes Normal
WEIGHT 45 lbs.

Due April 1, 2015

Sire: Konigs JimDandy "Doc"
Owner Dave Dulak
Born 3/22/2012
OFA Good

Eyes Normal
WEIGHT 60 lbs.
NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II 108 pts
NAVHDA Utility Prize 1 204 pts

Spring 2015

Skyler & Milo have been repeated. The litter was born 2/16/2015 and have been sold. The first Milo and Skylar breeding received a NA Breeder Award - 109 pt Average.

Rainy has been bred to Doc and is due early April. (See Pedigree & Coef listed.)

Rainy's first litter will be tested this spring. We kept a male (Dekker) and have been very pleased with his 1st season. Rainy and I hunted Montana, North Dakota and Wisconsin this fall and had one of the best upland and waterfowl seasons I have ever had. She is as fine a versatile dog as I have had.

I have watched Doc (line bred Shooting Starr Dog.) since a young pup. I saw his NA and UT test and not only did he have a great score but I also saw exceptional field and water work. For more information on Doc see the Konig website.

He's truly a young Sire destined to be famous.